Intel turns off Russian blogs and forums because of the Bloggers' law

Intel has placed an announcement about the deactivation of several functions on its official web site, due to recent Russian legislation changes.

As of January 1st 2015, due to the “Bloggers’ law”, the following features will be not available on Russian version of Intel Developer Zone:

·         Blog publications in Russian language

·         Russian forums

·         Comments on Russian language content

These changes do not apply to the English language versions of Intel’s web site.

As an alternative, Intel recommends its users join other online communities, such as:

Intel blog on Habrahabr

Intel DZ group in Vkontakte network

Intel DC webpage in Google+

It should be mentioned that all of the aforementioned resources have already experienced legal problems with Russian governmental legislation as well.

The Geek Times web portal has reported that they received a comment from an Intel representative that Intel was not able to meet all of the Russian government demands in time and had to switch these services off.  However, these forums may be restored at a future date.

As Geek Times states, Intel Developer Zone was obviously not interested in complying with the new Russian law and opted to shut down its services instead. These measures will be unpleasant news for many Russian and CIS users who are used to discussing technical information in their native language on those forums.

Earlier this year, Geek Times reported that Roscomnadzor’s deputy director deleted his microblog in Twitter when a number of his readers increased to more than 3000. (According to the Blogger’s law, every user who has over 3000 visitors of his web site should be registered as a media entity)

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