Russian personal data belongs to Russia: Putin signes the law on personal data location. 

On July 22, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law requiring mail services and social networks to store personal data of Russian users within the territory of the Russian Federation.  This law will become active on September 1st 2016.

As stated in the law, while working with personal data,  network operators are  required to ensure its accumulation, storage, update, and  classification using data centers located in the territory of the Russian Federation. 

This law also implements sanctions for violation of these rules.  For example, domain names and network addresses disregarding the law will be placed on a  list of violators, named "Violators of users' rights on personal data protection".  Roscomnadzor Russian regulator will be responsible for maintaining this list, and will add violators to that list according to court decisions.  Violation of the law will also result in limitation of access to that specific internet resource.


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