About me: 

Hi, I am Tatiana Indina.

I am a researcher, trainer, writer and social scientist.

My research interests include Internet governance, digital rights, social media and politics (focus on the US, Russia, Central Asia), Internet development and Tech Innovation. 


As an affiliated researcher with the Center for New Media and Society (Moscow, Russia), the Berkman Center, Harvard University, the Ranking Digital Rights project (New America Foundation) and the Global Internet Policy Observatory project (Center for global & communication studies, Annenberg School of Communication) i study aspects of Internet Governance and Internet regulations, specifics of multistakeholder dialogue in Russia, Central Asia and the United States. 


My PhD dissertation (2007) was devoted to the rationality of decision making in political voting. While being a Fulbrighter at the Wilson Center, Kennan Institute in Washington DC in 2012 i studied how young voters' motives, values and attitudes affect their choice of political candidates (in United States and Russia) and their perception of US-Russian relations. 

I've written 4 books and 50 research articles on the topics of political voting decision making and users behavior in social media works.  


As a social scientist i am interested in studying how the Internet, social media and technology innovation affect human behavior and interaction.  My recent book CEO 2.0 (2015) is about the new skills that todays leaders need in order to succeed in era of digital innovation. CEO2.0 is both an educational project and a club of Innovative leaders sets a goal of assisting today's leaders in developing innovative thinking, building global innovative strategies and advancing leadership skills. 


The new book i am currently working on is about global entrepreneurship and the future of innovation, it is based on a series of interviews with startups, entrepreneurs, successful CEOs, business-angels, investors, academics & startup mentors from Silicon Valley & the East Coast of United States, Russia, Eastern & Western Europe, China, Central Asia.


As as a speaker, consultant & trainer for Russia and CIS i've taught courses on innovative and global leadership, women leadership, innovation and change management, soft skills and cross-cultural communication for MBA schools, companies, startups and entrepreneurs. I currently represent Silicon Valley Innovation Center in Russia that provides education on innovation development for companies willing to become global innovative leaders. 


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I will be happy to connect with everybody who is interested in the issues that i am studying and working on.


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